Mitigate cost of poor quality using Vision Intelligence Services


In this technology era, still industries performs visual inspection manually by workers in production line. Industries are aiming to reduce CoPQ, and need solutions that could guide in delivering the highest quality products and improve efficiencies and reduce Costs. Artificial Intelligence helps industries to manage devices in predictive maintenance for products and extending their life cycle. computer vision algorithms can support their management and resolution in minimizing the cost in producing quality products. Delivering the highest quality products and improve efficiencies , reduce Costs with Computer vision is growing rapidly.

Vision AI

AI can combine various data sources intelligently in a general business process to produce Highest quality. In industries manufacturing, data sources might be the devices like heat detection sensors, indoor/outdoor weather data, PLC data, probably the visual data from a CCTV.  AI is used to gain insights into the integrity of a weld or to predict potential product failures for warranty purposes. AI can also help with re-manufacturing to reuse parts and materials, or with designing new product possibilities. Machine learning models dedicated to Industry 4.0 to optimize productivity and make costs more efficient.

AI solutions for the manufacturing lines

computer vision algorithms can support the management in the process of minimizing costs to increase quality. Industries can warn and guide the production process so that it can minimizes the occurrence of non-conformities both on the machines and on the product. AI to the digital twin of a machine, can applied to an entire production line predict short- and long-term problems and evaluate in advance the best action to take to improve the process. logistics optimization through AI  for  distribution of products , improving the efficiency of the entire process to maintain efficient supply of raw materials from suppliers, reducing lead times .Integrating artificial intelligence algorithms with computer vision techniques to support and make quality control activities ,  to detect product quality in all the stages of the production and  predict when machinery requires maintenance services.

To address proactively of potential manufacturing line issues in various industrial companies that  spending huge  time and money to failure detection  during  production process . Computer vision technology will help, manufacturing lines to detect anomalies . The assembly line will be train by computer vision model using deep learning technology to find defect and failures.


Industries can overcome maintenance cost if their manufacturing facilities inculcate by computer vision, using the solution providers with deep learning and proven analytics algorithms. It helps the business sectors to invest in high-quality products and reducing the amount of waste and rework. Manufacturing Industries in the need of enhancing quality levels and reducing COPQ is highly challenging task. AI solutions will help to streamline the automotive with respect to quality. Ignorance of introduce the technology into industries production lifecycle will lead to expensive Management.


Dr V Keerthika
Associate Professor

Dr A Geetha
Assistant Professor

Computer Science & Engineering, Alliance College of Engineering and Design
Alliance University